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BHIMANI Children Hospital Growth of Baby

Growth of Baby

Your newborn is rapidly adjusting to new surroundings. Want to know when your baby will take his first steps? Find out if your baby is growing normally and what you can do to give his development a gentle boost.

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BHIMANI Children Hospital Nutrition Supplement

Nutrition & Supplement

Good nutrition is important at all stages of life. But the necessary amounts vary with age, and diet doesn’t always provide all the nutrients. Find out what your baby need and when for his healthy growth.

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BHIMANI Children Hospital Common Health Issues

Common Health Information

Infant and kids are prone to common diseases and illness. Find out some of the useful information which may help you to tackle these most common issues like fever, diarrhea, cough and cold.

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BHIMANI Children Hospital Chandkheda FAQ


Find out some Frequently Asked Questions which are generally raised by new-parents who are concerned about their newborn's health and proper physical as well as mental growth & development.

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